As coaches, how do we keep fit ?

As Professional coaches, we accompany and support our champions.
our champions are CEOs, managers, HR in charge, business owners, unemployed, project managers, whatever…

Have you ever wondered how we, coaches, train ourselves to keep fit for coaching ?

here are some clues :

  • we interact a lot with peers (peers groups, ICF meetings and conventions/workshops)
  • we keep training (this is a must if you want to hold your credentialing over a 3 years time. not like university where your degree is valid all life long no matter what you remember of it !)
  • we have supervision time : with a more experienced professionnal (coaching prof or therapist) we dedicate time and money to share and gain awareness on what happens during our coaching sessions with our clients, this is a matter of security for both our clients and us.

we also have the chance to be able to involve in such projects as RECIPROCAL COACHING

What is reciprocal coaching ?
it’s a programm that costs very little, and it is dedicated to professional coaches who want to improve their practice.
It works very simple : A coaches B who coaches C who coaches D who coaches A

we can record our sessions,  and that has 2 advantages :

first : we can listen back to them, alone or with a mentor that will give us feedbacks
second : we can use those recording to apply for credentialing (it is part of the credentialing process : submit 2 recordings to be assessed)

as simple as that !

If your are looking for a coach or you intend to work sometime with one to help you climb a step further, ask him/her details on how he/she keeps fit for coaching !

If you are a coach, learn more about these two very affordable programs :

Click here for Reciprocoach website
ICF reciprocal coaching

program (reserved to ICF members), click here to know more

And if you look for supervision, please feel free to contact me by email :