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Expatriates often face the challenge of getting things done in less time than they would if they were at home.
Understanding a new culture, a new environnement, aquiring new possiblities of finding your way around and having an appropriate network takes time. it takes even longer in a foreign country !

whether you already have a job and want to accelerate your results, or you are still looking for a job and will use this period to make a career review, working and partnering with someone who understands and is at ease with both the french and anglo-saxon culture will help.
Learn how to make the right connections with a native partner.

By making a collaborative partnership with Béatrice MELIN, Professional Certified Coach by ICF ( you will facilitate and maximise your results.

After spending over 20 years working as an executive in the tourism industry, most of her travelling being in South East Asia and North Africa, she decided to change her life and career.

A career review and skills assesment helped her choose what she wanted to do next and she went back to University  for a Master’s Degree for consulting in 2005 (DESS Conseil Expert à la Petite Entreprise – CNAM)
She launched her own company Alidade in 2004 – an alidade is the vertical part of the compass on a boat- and trained as a professional coach with Alain Cardon MCC (Metasystème) in french and English, she trained in Transactionnal Analysis (AT101) and holds a CEU in Sophrology (Certificat Etudes Universitaires Faculté de La Timone)

Very active among the International Coach Federation (over 18 000 members over 100+ countries) and past president for the Provence Chapter, she believes in professional and personnal developement as a double key to success and life balance.
She also believes in mentoring and co-constructing with others.

Today, Alidade is a coaching company whose core competency is the development of « entrepreneurship » at large : for business owners and executives of course, but also personal coaching for people who want to be entrepreneurs of their own life.

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May be I need help to meet my objectives

SD is a busy woman. Family and 3 kids, and a PhD on its way…
She has been studying hard to reach that level, several years. Today she needs a « booster » to finish her PHD work. I coach her using different sophrology exercises that she tapes during the session.
This way, she can practice at home by herself, as she listens to the session again.
Here is what she says : « Many thanks Béa, what a crucial support you gave me to complete my PhD!!!!!
After a quick review of sophrology during pregnancy, I was interested in improving the practice for wider applications …
It exceeded my expectations! From the second session I could already feel my concentration was getting better, my work more efficient and my feelings untroubled.
The sessions of deep relaxation Beatrice proposed me were of great help to keep right timing, meet objectives and get more confident.
It is like a magic tool, I can recall anytime, anywhere with ease … to bring the delightful feeling of being in the right path …  »

Just a little booster to reduce stress and increase comfort and satisfaction…

Claire, english speaking client

Mars 2008. Claire, english speaking client. She lives in Canada and we worked by phone and e-mails. What she says about it : « I worked with Beatrice during an exciting time of transition in my life. I appreciated Beatrice’s professionalism and her commitment to serving her client to the best of her abilities, as well as her energy and genuine interest in my agenda. I found Beatrice to be a coach who was always encouraging me to play a bigger game, and raise the bar higher in terms of what I could achieve. She is also very insightful in terms of giving feedback about what she notices about a client. I was impressed with Beatrice’s ability to coach in English, and believe that she has a valuable contribution to make to clients’ lives, whatever the language of the coaching conversation. » Mars 2008