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current baskets carry up to 50 pound bikes. thankyou for taking the time to visit our website. This offering from RELIANCER offers a stylish and easier to use solution for storing one bike in your home or garage.It is designed to be used with bikes in the 20-inch to the 29-inch range; which covers children’s bikes from the age of approximately 10 to virtually every adult bike on the market. Vertical Bike Racks. It sits on the floor with a wide, stable base. For those who have lots of bikes or just love doing shuttles. Note: Securabike recommend horizontal racks over vertical as horizontal racks do not require the lifting of the bike. 3 height positions for easy reach and ground clearance tuning. Bring all of your family, and all of the bikes! They can be used to store books or bike accessories such as chain oils, helmets or cycling clothing. Not only do we stock a huge range of bikes at some of the best pricing around, but our crew can help with expert advice to make sure you get the right bike for your style of riding and ability. The Offset ® Center Stage freestanding vertical commercial bike rack system offers the country’s only ultra space saving dual unit bicycle rack for freestanding applications, securing two bicycles within 6 – 8” of space. However, the vertical racks are ideal where floor space is severely limited. There are notable outliers, however, including the innovative Recon Racks Gen2 R6, which can accommodate six bikes in a vertical hanging position. It can be installed directly to the wall or on metal frameworks. 1115mm deep (plus 800mm access space) 4 bikes. Our racks are perfect solution for large familys or gravity junkies where convential bike racks rarely accomodate more than 4 bikes and are slow and tedious to load and unload. Australia Available in 4, 5 and 6 bike capacities, 2" receivers only. 5 bikes. Hitch Mounted Bike Racks are the easiest way to get multiple bicycles on your vehicle. Now comes the slew of companies building vertical bike racks. The Yakups bike Racks we manufacture can be ordered as a customized bike rack. The Bike Storage company’s vertical cycle rack supports your bike by holding it in place via the front tyre. See our YouTube and Instagram channel for colors and more. Single Trail Racks are a 4,5 and 6 bike vertical rack that mounts upright in 50mm car towbar receivers. As space is often at a premium a mix of horizontal and vertical racks may be required to meet space constraints and the requirement for come cyclists who cannot use the vertical racks eg elderly riders. These products offer convenient and space-efficient open access parking and are therefore ideal for narrow sites. Lolo Racks are a solid way to easily carry 6 mountain bikes, kids bikes, road bikes, fat bikes and bmx bikes. Where maximum capacity is critical and ceiling heights allow, Cora Bike Rack's 2 tier bike racks offer the ability to increase capacity of a bike room by over 100%. Cora Bike Rack's latest product design, the E3VR is available in several innovative models: wheel cradle, fender rack, 45° angled vertical bike parking, and dynamic moving racks. (As racks are bolt-together, locking hitch pins are not highly recommended. Note: Securabike recommends horizontal racks over vertical as horizontal racks do not require the lifting of the bike. Josta® Wall Rack The Josta® wall rack is a very popular individual wall-mounted bicycle rack. As long as you have a hitch, carrying bikes behind your car is simple with any of the racks below. Our 6-bike rack is a hitch mounted vertical bike rack carries 6 or 4 bike These Cycle Stands are very popular in areas where space is at a premium such as Train Stations, Shopping Centres, Car Parks, Offices, Apartments. Vertical bike racks are the perfect option for anyone looking to optimise their space during storage. No Hidden Charges - price shown is 'per bike' The Snowdon Semi Vertical Cycle Rack has been designed for space saving. Make sure to pick the proper hitch receiver size, and make sure your hitch can support the weight of all the bikes you want to carry. Ranging from three to six bikes (with many optional extras), like its name implies it’s intended to hold … Shop Now! This simple product maximises the use of space compared to traditional cycle parking methods, and can be … PARKIS is a simple and smart bicycle lift – an alternative to the traditional bicycle rack.This bicycle storage solution offers a unique experience of an easy and simple space saving.. Semi-vertical bike rack - spacing requirements. rock racks is a family owned business. 2 Tier Bike Racks. They fit ¼’’ by 1/4’’ and 2’’ by 2’’ hitches. Fast and easy to load. Single Trail RFS Bike Rack. The bike is stored in a vertical position and anchored by its front wheel. Guess what, not all vertical racks are created equal. « Requires a 2 inch hitch Class 3 or higher . On the vertical riser are four height-adjustable arms that hold your bikes in position. When it comes to maximizing space and providing efficient bicycle parking, this is a superb free-standing vertical bike rack – commuter approved! These racks come as galvanised as standard and can be supplied with locking loops and bolts to put them together. Or combine vertical bike racks with CycleSafe bicycle shelters for space-saving covered bike parking. In this video, I show you how to make a DIY bike rack for $20! vertical bike racks; straight racks; offset racks; tilting racks; vertical shuttle trailer; accessories; e-bike racks; custom built bike racks; vertical shuttle trailer 2. home. Vertical Bike Rack From 2x4s: I recently built a vertical bike rack from scraps of 2x4s leftover from another project. The Boys from Spotxracks are engineers by trade. The slim, space-saving Saris Bike Trac lets you mount 1 bike vertically on the wall of your home, garage, or office. Our Semi Vertical Cycle Rack is Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and can be used both indoors and outside. The best 6-bike and 4-bike racks to carry the whole family and crew! Bike racks are becoming more stylish and more innovative. Vertical Cycle racks free up your floor space, and also provide extra security for your bike as it gives you a solid section to attach locks or other security. Shingleback Off-Road is an Aussie brand, designing and building their products here in Australia, including the Vertical bike rack on test here. I found that I would need this bike to be hung at 63.5" using these ho… The vertical system can be mounted into the floor, is available in single or doubled sided configurations, and can be modular to create larger scale bike parking. Whether space is limited or you are working on creating an indoor bicycle room, our patented design offers space, friendly usability and high security. Vertical Bike Racks. Our range includes bikes from some of the worlds largest brands including Trek, Giant, Liv, Kona, GT, Polygon, Reid and over 250 more quality bike brands. This vertical rack holds up to 4 bikes in staggered horizontal rows. They are also way lighter than platform bike racks. New Market Leading Design; 2 – 6 Bike capacity; Single Trail vertical bike racks are a super simple and tough shuttle bike rack for those fun days out on the trails. Product Description. 1220mm. 2 Tier Bike Racks. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is an easy to use cycle parking solution allowing users to store their bikes semi-vertically with both front and rear wheels located in a specially designed trough. We will provide a free estimate for further customized racks if you need that.. Great looks and finish. This is shipped with two or more cartons … Price starts at $1849.00 plus shipping for a 2 place bike rack. As space is often at a premium a mix of horizontal and vertical racks may be required to meet space constraints and the requirement for come cyclists who cannot use the vertical racks … 1705mm height. Vertical Bike Racks. We believe we have designed and produced in house the best quality vertical bike rack on the market. Finally, a vertical bike rack that maximises space and is easy to use. Vertical Bike Racks. We also build three bike racks, four bike racks, five bike racks, and six bike racks. CycleSafe vertical bike racks for indoor or outdoor use, are perfect for bike rooms or bike cages. When floor space is at a premium, and you want to maximize the bike density of an area, the vertical rack is a perfect solution using the wall space to efficiently park bikes. The addition of the locking hoop allows users to secure both the wheel and frame to the rack, providing higher levels of security. We suggest simply locking the rack directly to the vehicles hitch via steel cable) Hitch Bike Racks. The best bike rack, with life time warranty. By taking a bike off the floor, you’ll keep your storage area spacious, without compromising on security or worrying about ceiling heights. I built this rack so that the rear wheel from one of our bikes could rest on the floor. This lightweight and slim product is made from 8mm steel rod, is easy to mount and takes up very little space when not in use. Built by riders for riders, we know what works! These devices can hold anywhere between 2 and 5 bicycles. The manufacturer also included 6 half-shelves for storage purposes. Hanging bike racks support your bike from the top frame except for a few wheel-only models. PARKIS magically lifts your bike and allows you to forget all the struggles regarding bicycle parking. It is an ideal bike stand that saves space at any parking place. Sliding anti-wobble threaded insert and 5/8" hitch bolt included. Mild steel ... Includes locking hoop; Other designs and sizes available on request. Steadyrack bike racks are the ultimate shed and garage storage solution. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is designed to maximise the use of space where this is at a premium. All E3VR racks can be mounted directly to existing walls or to the E3VR-P Mounting Post that is ready to use on single or double, and at alternating mounting heights. The Vertical Bike Rack is an affordable space saving cycle storage solution which enables the bike to be vertically mounted to any surface. From $869 Inc GST. Carry three to six bikes (or more) from 20* to 29-inch wheels The original Offset, vertical 2-bike rack that secures two bicycles within 6 – 8 inches of space, and our new oversized 1-bike parking option, Offset XL, that parks one oversized bike, such as fat tire and cargo bikes. We have semi vertical racks available as well, which put your bike at an angle if vertical space is limited. Its still problematic that we are being asked to hang a 3,000 to 10,000 dollar bike from their handle bars, shock mounts, or any other … 1525mm. Cora's proprietary vertical bike racks can reduce the distance a bicycle extends into the floor space by 30%. 340mm x 330mm x 2145mm Expand To See More A vertical bike rack from The Park and Facilities Catalog is a sturdy and safe means of bicycle storage when space is limited. Our DoubleUp vertical bike rack can accommodate a large number of bicycles with offset hooks that avoids handlebar conflict. Choose from freestanding or wall-mounted bicycle racks. Offset Vertical Bike Racks are available in two options. This is a bit of a unique bike stand.

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