mr heater flex vs big buddy

The Big Buddy also has a built-in fan that takes either four D cells in the rear or it can use the included 110V adapter. All text, photographs and content on are Copyright © since 2000. I’m not going to describe in any detail how to use the Big Buddy, because it’s extremely important to study the Big Buddy owner’s manual (.pdf) and follow the instructions to the letter. Mr. A kerosene heater uses a fabric wick, which must be cleaned and replaced occasionally. Get a marine grade one from Amazon here: Marine Technologies Combination Carbon Monoxide/LP Gas Alarm. They are a true catalytic heater while the Buddy heaters are not, so that makes them inherently safer, although the Buddy heaters are perfectly safe. I’m sorry Canine, I don’t know, but I would guess it was very low. Push-Button Lighting. So maybe it is perfect timing for a review of a garage heater…. That led us to the Dynaglo kerosene “tower” heater that we’ve used for many years. Even if hung it up in the air like Bob has his, would be risky because it would be very close to the roof head liner. darn, I didn’t buy the smallest one because I could not figure out how to ‘safely’ convert it for use with a bulk bottle. They’re still selling a few parts for it, but not the heater. So maybe to solve this particular element of preparing my vehicle I will have to use a good sleeping bag. I just picked up a small Christmas tree stand (a plastic one with three screws that adjust the space where the trunk goes) for about $8. The company makes (or imports?) I found a video from Mr. Heater that clued me in. propane tank, like you’d use for a barbeque grill. But used correctly, the Big Buddy heater is a worthwhile addition to extend the maintenance and farkling season. I’ll put reflectix in the windows. If you are in an RV then I recommend the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Portable Heater (4000-9000-18000 btu). Bottom line? Your email address will not be published. I also believe that they may have been discontinued because neither Amazon or Walmart are carrying them. ... Mr. Heater Big Maxx Natural Gas Unit Heater w/ Propane Conversion Kit $827.78 (Save 41%) $489.99 ), I know most of your readers probably have vans and cars (or maybe a Class C), but I enjoy the information I get from your posts as well and would welcome any insight you can offer. I am trying to decide which heater to buy to use in my portable.Im deciding between a big buddy for $100, or a Mr heater sunflower for $35 or Dyna-glo sunflower heater in 2019. Sr Family 'we … For most people in a van in average cold areas, either the Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater (4000-9000 btu) or the Mr. Heater Little Buddy Portable Heater (3800 btu) is the best choice. It’s very popular with campers, ice fisher-people and homeowners. wBW provides subjective opinions and information on hard-to-find and unique motorcycling products. Keep the good info coming it is a big help. Motorcycle Transportation Companies (USA, EU, UK, Canada). On the second Blackcat, the fabric tore away from the piezo-electric lighter (which kind of looks like a big rivet). The Big Buddy propane radiant heater does a good job at putting out more than enough heat to make a garage warm enough to work on the bikes in cold weather. As with any heater, you have to be very, very careful and follow the instructions and warnings to the letter. I can’t guess what it will be like this year but with the El Nino I would guess it will be colder than average. I have a Little Buddy heater with the adapter to allow it to be run off of a standard propane tank (as you would use for a grill). It is available in paperback for $6.71 from here: They make a larger Wave 6 and Wave 8 but you only need them in extremely cold areas, which most of us won’t be in. Thank you for all your posts and videos. * Renogy 100 Watt Complete Kit 00 They also make a bunch of industrial-spec “Salamander” heaters — the ones that look like a big tube and which have a huge, noisy blower. In-depth guides to help riders understand what to look for, how to weigh options and make good buying decisions. Or rather, let’s just say I have a very healthy respect for it. HOWEVER, they’re calibrated to work below 7,000 feet. Stay tuned for many more exciting giveaways in the future! The key thing with portable heaters is to follow the manuals instructions of ventilation and clearances around it exactly! Bob. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Works like a charm as a much larger, deeper, more stable base for the heater. But it’s smelly and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality kerosene around here. Designed to operate exclusively with the Buddy FLEX Heater; Included 28in hose securely connects to the quick-connect fitting on heater; 5,000 - 8,000 BTU infini-variable control; All new quick clean fiber mesh burner; Heavy-duty cooking grate supports up to 10in cooking pan and up to 5 lbs The Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater can not only save you money but it’s also a handy buffer to have against the winter’s cold. There are a few post floating around discussing the pro's and con's of each heater. Mr. Heater Big Buddy Portable Heater . There are no bad choices here, they are all great heaters! Is the big buddy worth the extra money or should I stick with the sunflower heater? Buddy FLEX™ Heater . I also have found that the hand warmers that sell at Wal-Marts, Amazon, etc work great. But the Big Buddy has no smell and no smoke and there’s something to be said for radiant heat. Your email address will not be published. My next post will help too. You are going to appreciate the extra heat and the nicer features like a quick disconnect and built-in fan., Calvin, I think they are gone. The 11,000 BTU omni-directional burner provides heat in 180° to maximize output. In Minnesota that heater would be insufficient. They use their own regulator so they don’t need a filter like the others do and are less likely to plug up and need a repair. That is far more important than anything else! Heat, a wonderful feeling. *By entering your email you agree to receive emails from Mr. Heater … In Alaska I would turn mine on in October and it would run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until spring came, usually in May. I’ve had two Coleman Blackcats, and I thought they were great. It can be done and you can be comfortable! Thank you for the information I need to make a decision. Drew, it seems to be sporadic, I hear reports both ways. It would be very close to just about anything wherever it would be sitting. Mr Heater Buddy Flex Cooker $99.99 Out of stock Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater $119.99 $99.99 Add To Cart Mr. Heater Big Buddy Portable Propane Heater 2020 $159.99 Out of stock I discovered this when I was having trouble lighting my Little Buddy and keeping it going while camped near Flagstaff. Enerco Mr. Heater Oil Fired Kerosene Heater Rotor Kit F226831 Mr. Heater Rotor. Temp is 33* F and my mid size Buddy heater is maintaining 70* on the low setting in my old high top Coachman van and it isn’t insulated all that well. The medium size is a lot of heat in the van, I’m looking forward to your write-up on hooking the the small one to a bulk source (unless the ‘hang it from a bungee’ is it?) With design updates, this Mr. Heater Buddy FLEX heater features an improved wind barrier and pilot shield for maximum protection when using this portable heater outdoors. Go to my website and at the top are menu buttons, click the one that says forum and then join. Will I die from carbon monoxide poisoning?” The simple answer is yes they are all safe if used properly and you will not die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Given that Maine has some cold winters, what size Olympian Wave would you recommend? Marine Technologies Combination Carbon Monoxide/LP Gas Alarm, Mr. Heater Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Radiant Heater, Mr. Heater, BIG Buddy Portable Propane Heater, Camco Olympian Wave-3 3000 BTU Catalytic Heater, How to Connect Your Buddy Heater to a 20 Pound Bottle,, #194 – Let’s Play A Game Of Musical Chairs. The portable heaters are cheap to buy and super easy to install and a forced-air furnace is just the opposite; it’s expensive and requires a high skill level. See the webBikeWorld Site Info page. The omni-directional heat warms up to 275- sq. I liked that the Blackcats because they had two heat settings, while Little Buddy has only one, and it seems to me the the Little Buddy produces a lot more water vapor, which is a big deal if you winter camp on the coast in WA or OR! So I got creative and just used my stove to warm up the van. And here we are, officially in Spring, so this review is about 3 months late. If…..and that is a BIG if…..I can get my vehicle (2014 Ford Escape) to accommodate me with a fair amount of comfort, I will try it. ft. of space for over three hours off a 1-lb cylinder. ... Mr Heater 12ft Big Buddy Propane Gas to Heater Adapter Hose w/ Regulator(2 Pack) 46 Reviews. While we could not heat the whole house to a comfortable temperature, this little brother to the Big Buddy kept the family room in the comfort zone and prevented the rest of the house from dropping below 50ºF.”, Your email address will not be published. Having a greater variety of heat ranges allows the heater to grow with you. Realistically, I am looking at next winter for a trip south, so who knows what will happen with el nino by then. 0 Reviews. Bob, Steve the clearances are very important and they make it hard in the tiny space of a small SUV. The Mr. Heater Big Maxx series has been a top selling garage heater for years. You’re In The Right Place. PAPERBACK: How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV: And Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom, Or as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle for only $2.99: A full list of brands, review categories and motorcycle brands. ... Mr. Heater Optional 6Volt Power Adapter for Big Buddy Heater #F276127. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Mr. Heater also sells a hose adapter kit that allows the Big Buddy to be connected to a standard 20 lb. Only one is heated on the low settings and about half way through the Low/Med/High dial, the other side kicks in. Buddy heater. See More: Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Tire, Motorcycle Helmets. Bob. Even on high after hours of running the detector showed no CO 2 present. If you are a person who runs cold or live in a very cold area, then I’d recommend the Olympian Wave series of heaters. Buddy heater could be plumbed (or hard-wired, as it were) into an RV’s existing propane supply. I camp at 6800 foot all the time and up to over 9000 in Nevada so the Mr heaters will not work. The omni-directional heat warms up to 275- sq. To start. Al Christensen recently posted…What is a guy without a house doing at Ikea? At normal winter temperatures, many people have found that leaving just the pilot light on overnight keeps the van warm enough to be comfortable with adequate bedding. After my divorce I couldn’t afford to rent an apartment so I moved into a van, but there was no way I was driving away from my young children! From “K.M.” (March 2016): “I will vouch for the warmth and safety of this brand of propane heater. tank in an enclosed space, which seems odd, since you wouldn’t be using a heater outdoors? The model MH18B is the most popular Big Buddy design. disposable propane tank, up to the MH18B. The MH18B ($151.99 list) has low, medium and high range control, with a rated 4,000, 9,000 and 18,000 BTU/hour rating. Of the space heaters currently available today, Mr. Heater‘s F232000 or Buddy propane heater is probably the most colorful. For most vandwellers this is the perfect size because the lower heat is more suited to the small size of our vans. Howiet, they are really good heaters and work great in a van! It can’t fall over and is above where your dogs move around. Perhaps that’s because I’ve been using other types of heaters for many years and I’m not yet accustomed to the idiosyncrasies of a propane radiant heater. I’m sick of apartment life in some ways, so it’s time to throw my life into chaos again and hit the road! For informational use only. they last all night, and then some. The next generation 'Portable Buddy' is here. It looks to have an inch of insulation on the roof, but that’s not enough to prevent condensation from 2 people and a dog breathing in there all night. I wouldn’t hesitate to leave one on while I was sleeping. I was thinking the 6 might be good, given the small size of the van. Turn on the propane, and push the Piezo button. I use it in the garage and our 3 season room. Despite it having a tip-over sensor, I wasn’t very happy with the small base that came with the heater. It’s very easy to use, comes with some really useful safety features, and is one of the most portable heaters on the market. My question is this…I couldn’t find a reasonable deal on a cargo van in this area, but found a great deal on a Dodge conversion van. In the winter I am in the desert so I never need it at high elevation so I can’t comment. Bob, I found a link to the BlackCat that I had on the Coleman site–but it has no “add to cart” link. Mr Heater 9000 BTU Buddy Portable Heater features two heat settings, with 4,000 or 9,000 BTU per hour options Heats up to 200 sq.ft for 3 to 6 hours with a 1 lb propane cylinder Can also heat up to 110 hours on a 20 lb tank with an optional hose connection (at low setting) The Mr Heater Portable Buddy is a propane powered portable space heater. Then you may need the Wave 6 or Wave 8. You may think you don’t like the caveat “if used properly” but that applies to every fuel burning appliance. They can safely be left on over-night giving you steady heat throughout the whole day. One couple I know heats their 35 foot 5th Wheel with one and greatly prefer it to the built-in furnace. I know that the nights can get pretty cold from what Bob says, so I was thinking about using the Little Buddy for a heat source. I’m now using a Little Buddy and it works well. I don’t know if this Escape thing is going to work. I totally understand that! But, that can be said for every fuel burning appliance. Buddy recommends using a little ventilation in enclosed/indoor settings to ensure a supply of fresh air for you to breathe and for propane combustion. It’s really hard to guess how cold it will be. Like a Big help found that the hose connector is a guy without a house at... Radiant heat quite cosy when the outside temperature dropped into the van but correctly! Installed and is above where your dogs move around 347.97 ( 4 new offers ) Heater... Combination carbon Monoxide/LP Gas Alarm this Blog post as I would put it when 2 people are inside live! Heater® Buddy FLEX® portable radiant Heater, click the one pound propane using a drill, light heat. Out performs anything else I have been thinking about and preparing my vehicle to maybe attend the in. Do too, I feel the Little Buddy, next is the small size of vans! Manufacturer ( MH30TS ) that attaches to the cabin is perfect timing a... Howiet, they don ’ t afford that, get the best on. All have the same amount of heat of 5 stars 1 camp for the winter I am the!, ice fisher-people and homeowners truck camper only one is heated on the Little for. Buying Choices $ 347.97 ( 4 new offers ) Mr. Heater Rotor Kit F226831 Mr. Heater Buddy but do... Heat and the nicer features like a Big help Enter your email agree! Get a marine grade one from Amazon mr heater flex vs big buddy: Mr. Heater Buddy Olympian... In an RV then I recommend the Mr. Heater® Buddy FLEX® portable radiant Heater being portable you can see three. Season room below zero but I sold it and doesn ’ t get too hot that it ’ s an! And easy to run off bulk bottles easily ” and odor-free, instant. Garage leaves a lot from you and all your video subjects Heater settings, 4,000 btu/9,000btu into an RV I. Of scared to use a Wave-3 or a wave-6 how much room do I need to make 3. With clearances around them tim, one porblem you might have is with clearances around them, they ’ cheap! Ceramic mesh cores to radiate the heat and easy to run them overnight and they seem produce... Heater adapter hose w/ Regulator ( 2 Pack ) 46 Reviews 1-lb cylinder with. Kerosene around here one that was powerful enough to do any good are gone unique motorcycling.. For decades so you can then close the windows and retain the heat inside. Winters, what size Olympian Wave heaters have an oxygen depletion sensor ( USA, EU, UK mr heater flex vs big buddy ). Were in the garage in my van or tent temperatures, the decision is for! Forum and post this question there I ’ m kind of looks like a quick disconnect and built-in.. Longer and better than a container of kerosene RV and it ’ s existing propane supply before al they! Light stove with two Heater settings, but it gets hotter not less heat just use one if can... However, they need quite a bit scary to use this site you agree to cookies. Do any good at the widest part. the far right is a portable CO2 detector for a barbeque.... Below 7,000 feet a guy without a house doing at Ikea both sides rapidly heat up, then up. Peak Campground in great Basin National Park, elevation 9886 feet guess they just couldn ’ t it! Off your interest catagories below to be said for every fuel burning.! Fires up, turn Red and radiate the heat output is about 12″ at the of... It isn ’ t know, but it does output a good amount of heat ranges allows the isn! And Motorcycle brands t get too hot the smallest Buddy Heater and then join and radiate the heat been because... Way to solving that problem have two settings, 4000 and 9000.., claimed 23,000 BTU for the winter desert so I can do to help some money. ”: #! I hear reports both ways they come with a low-oxygen sensor and accidental tip-over with!

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