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Installed on it is a Front Runner Rail and load bar system. 9. This means once you install the rack, they will be on the top. For the final major step, phone a friend to help you get the rack up onto the 4Runner. Front Runner offers a great low profile design, and delivers a world class rack system that is lightweight, strong and corrosion free thanks to black epoxy powder-coated T6 aluminum construction. In the pictures, you can see the locking nut inside the slot facing up. The largest 4Runner community in the world. GET PAID FOR WRITING A 4RUNNER PRODUCT REVIEW OR STEP BY STEP INSTALL. I believe you would have to remove the bottom inside rubber of the Thule rack, then find some bolts that will go into the slots of the FR rack, then put your bolt on the inside of the Thule rack. Front Runner does a great job packaging all of the supplies included for assembly. The FR rack is made extremely well; it is tight going together which means it will hold tight once on your roof for years to come. They need to be facing down during install. With a heavy-duty build quality and minimalist design, this rack belongs on your DiamondBack HD or DiamondBack SE. Oakville, ON L6K 2H2 Pick Up Truck Load Bed Load Bar Kit 1475mm W - by Front Runner Outfitters An excellent pickup truck load bed bar kit by Front Runner Outfitters. The DiamondBack Cover-Mount Rack is constructed from lightweight, yet rigid aluminum. We decided to go with the Rhino-Rack with the Backbone Mount System but they were back-ordered on the backbone mount. I have a slimline II for a 2016 Toyota 4Runner. I did follow the guidelines for removing the bolts and i did not have any issues. Once you have installed the spacers, you are ready to install the footrails. The full-length FR rack requires two rivet nuts to be installed via drilling into the roof, and I wanted to avoid doing that to the 4Runner for now. What is the height of the rack above the roof? The Cover-Mount rack can support up to 350 lbs, and haul items like ladders, lumber and other cargo that is longer than the bed. Made from stainless steel and a durable, weather-resistant black powder coated aluminum. I alternated loosening the bolts until I could use my hand to back them out. Front Runner Outfitters is a leader in the aftermarket car rack industry, as … I installed the 4 bolts the same way I uninstalled the OEM rack – slow and steady, alternating sides in screwing them down. Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm EST 475 Wyecroft Rd. Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Install,,, Sequential Side Mirror Turn Signal Lights on 5th Gen 4Runner, 5th Gen Mods, Accessories, Accessory Lights, Install, Lighting, Lamin-X Filters on Aftermarket Fog Lights, 5th Gen Mods, Fog Lights, Install, Lighting, With a friend, Mount Roof Rack On 4Runner, Heated Sequential Turn Signal Mirrors With LED Indicators on Glass for Toyota 4Runner, Top 5 Headlight Housing Replacement Options For the 5th Gen 4Runner, Beyond Wraps Hood Scoop Stamp – 5th Gen 4Runner. This Slimline II rack kit for your 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner (2002- 2009) contains the Slimline II tray (1255mm x 1762mm), (2) Front Runner custom vehicle specific Foot Rails with table openings and a Wind Deflector. Now you can start to assemble the actual rack. There is ZERO wind noise with the 3/4th length. I found it best to start with one side. $15.98 shipping. With a heavy-duty build quality and minimalist design, this rack belongs on your DiamondBack HD or DiamondBack SE. These roof racks are all well-made utility racks for the 5th Gen 4Runner. There are 8 bolts you will need to slide into the rack slots which will match up to the foot rails to mount the rack. It was a close call between Front Runner and Prinsu Designs. Keep your bike stable and secure over extreme terrain, and at all speeds, so you won’t have to leave your bike behind on your next adventure; no matter where you go. Once you have everything tightened down, you will see why so many people love Front Runner; this thing is SOLID. Front - 2.45" - Front bracket - 36.5" - Second bracket - 32" - Rear bracket" - 2" - Rear Front Runner Mounting rail = 86.5" Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Diamond Back Cover Double Load Bar Kit - by Front Runner. I have heard some people complain of wind noise with certain full-length roof racks, in which I wanted to preserve the highway comfort. Once I had all 8 bolts semi-tightened, I went back and made sure they were all tight. They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. Once you have one side of the rack completed, grab the opposite side rail, starting with the front/end, and work each rail into the groove until the rack is basically holding itself together. The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. Doesn’t interfere with the signal either. I ended up stripping a couple of Allen screws and eventually ended up disassembly the rack and restarting the rack assembly to make sure it was done correctly. Lastly, I wanted to keep the roof wind noise minimal. While the term “Front Runner” has been used to describe drive systems offered by other companies, no other system is equal. I contacted Front Runner Racks and explained what I wanted to accomplish and they put together a parts list for me. The DiamondBack Cover-Mount Rack will help free up space in the truck's bed. Get Up to 20% Off the Trail 4Runner Store! Im selling my Diamondback Aluminum tonneau cover for a 5' bed 2016+ Toyota Tacoma. Thank you for purchasing a Front Runner Rotopax Rack Mounting Plate. It is a really strong design in my opinion. Here is the instruction I found from Gobi rack. This Slimline II rack kit contains all the components needed to mount the Slimline II cargo carrying rack to a Jeep Gladiator JT including the Slimline II Tray (1425mm x 1560mm), the Jeep Extreme Mounting System and a Wind Deflector. Make sure to flip the rack END OVER END and not side over the side to avoid those bolts from falling out of the slots. It is extremely difficult to install on the bottom of the rack once mounted to the 4Runner. With a heavy-duty build quality and minimalist design, this rack belongs on your DiamondBack HD or DiamondBack SE. Have had it for a year now with no issues. for special deals, news, and vehicle specific support. Over the past 17 years, the Front Runner has proven to be one of our most successful products. I work in the veterinary industry and love spending time with my dogs, whether it’s on the lake, hiking thru the woods, or going on a road trip. $358.63 $ 358. Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 29. The instructions call for the rack to be assembled upside down. I invested in some plastic pry tools which I highly recommend. Front Runner Roof Rack Kits include a Front Runner off-road rated all aluminum roof rack tray, wind deflector, and the vehicle specific mounting system. Here is what I ended up with: (1) Roof Load Bar Pair 1425mm(W) - by Front Runner SKU: LBSK016 $140.00 (1) Universal Track / 1400mm(L) - by Front Runner … Note: I did not take a specific picture but make sure to install the provided wind deflector to the rack while it is still upside down during the assembly process. Honestly, this was kind of a pain to get together. The ¾ length gives you plenty of real estate to mount your gear. Once you have your silicon applied, just set the spacer into the channel, making sure they are straight and even. I actually have an old set of Thule snowboard racks. I would like to mount my Thule Roof Box to my new Front Runner slimline II roof rack. All hardware components needed to install the tray on a specific vehicle are included. 8. Super easy and they look great. Bakkie Mountain Top Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit / 1425(W) x 1358(L) - by Front Runner, Bakkie Slimline II Load Bed Kit / 1345(W) x 1358(L) - by Front Runner, Diamond Back Cover Triple Load Bar Kit - by Front Runner, Bakkie Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit / 1475(W) x 1358(L) - by Front Runner, Bakkie Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit / 1425(W) x 1358(L) - by Front Runner, Load Bed Cargo Slide / Large - by Front Runner, Load Bed Cargo Slide / Medium - by Front Runner, Cargo Slide/Fridge Slide / 80L to 90L - by Front Runner, Quick Release Latching Strap - by Front Runner, 6 Wolf Pack Drawer / Wide Incl. Refer to Page 2 for a list of all the components, quantities and tools required. It makes easy mounting of rooftop tents as well a I did not have any resistance getting the bolts out. Our content is pretty fire! Front Runner Slimline II 3/4 Low Profile Off-Road Ready Roof Rack: Quick Install Guide For the 5th Gen 4Runner I decided to upgrade the roof rack on the 4Runner and decided to go with Front Runner. The Load Bars are mounted via Pickup Roll Top Load Mounts that bolt directly onto a set of DiamondBack Cover Load Bed Tracks. I contacted Front Runner Racks and explained what I wanted to accomplish and they put together a parts list for me. There is no “front” or “back to the rack; it will go on both ways. The Front Runner logo on the foot rails will be installed toward the rear of the 4Runner.

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